Compaq Armada 3500 6366/T/6400/0/0/1 Fix programa download grátis (ver. 1.­0)

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Fix (ver. 1.­0) ZIP SELF-EXTRACTING lançado 2000.01.27.

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Categoria Computadores portáteis
Marca Compaq
Dispositivo Armada 3500 6366/T/6400/0/0/1
Sistemas operativos Windows 95
Versão 1.­0
Tamanho de ficheiro 78 Kb
Tipo de ficheiro ZIP SELF-EXTRACTING
Lançado 2000.01.27
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Fix for Compaq Armada 3500 6366/­T/­6400/­0/­0/­1 Type: Software - System Management On the Armada notebooks listed below,­ if you install the Pwrcon Utility Version 3.­xx without UN-installing Version 2.­xx,­ it will cause "Battery not Present" to appear under the Power Management Battery Status tab.­ This SoftPaq contains a registry file that you can use to UN-install the old Pwrcon Utility properly and re-install Pwrcon Utility Version 3.­xx to correct this issue.­

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