Compaq Deskpro EP a/P733E/810e driver download grátis (ver. 1.­00 A)

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Compaq Deskpro EP a/P733E/810e (ver. 1.­00 A) lançado 1999.06.15.

Ficheiro que fez download 0 vezes e foi visualizado 2280 vezes.

Categoria PC
Marca Compaq
Dispositivo Deskpro EP a/P733E/810e
Sistemas operativos Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 98
Versão 1.­00 A
Tamanho de ficheiro 272 Kb
Lançado 1999.06.15
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Firmware Update for Compaq Deskpro EP a/­P733E/­810e Type: Driver - Storage This software contains the files necessary to creates a bootable diskette that updates particular Western Digital hard drives to fix a SMART threshold issue.­ It corrects false 1720 errors displayed when the computer is started.­ The update autodetects all hard drives currently installed.­ If it finds a Western Digital hard drive that has a firmware revision older than contained in this program,­ it automatically updates the firmware.­ Upon completion of all required modifications,­ the user will be informed that the computer must be power cycled.­ This firmware update is a non-destructive update.­ User data is not affected.­

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