Compaq Evo D310 Slim Tower Insight Management Agent driver download grátis (ver. 5.­01 B)

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Insight Management Agent (ver. 5.­01 B) MSZIP lançado 2003.12.03.

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Categoria PC
Marca Compaq
Dispositivo Evo D310 Slim Tower
Sistemas operativos Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows 98
Versão 5.­01 B
Tamanho de ficheiro 10.11 Mb
Tipo de ficheiro MSZIP
Lançado 2003.12.03
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Insight Management Agent for Compaq Evo D310 Slim Tower Type: Software - System Management DESCRIPTION: This SoftPaq contains the files needed to install the Insight Management Agent for the Compaq and HP computer models listed below that support Intelligent Manageability and are running one of the operating systems listed below.­ The Insight Management Agent provides local alerting,­ DMI,­ SNMP and DMI web agents.­ Local alerting notifies the user if the system temperature has been exceeded under normal operating conditions or if an imminent drive failure has been detected.­ SNMP agents allow the system to be managed by SNMP-compliant management applications such as Insight Manager.­ Desktop Management Interface (DMI) support allows the computer to be managed by DMI-compliant management applications.­ DMI Web agents allow the computer to be managed both locally and remotely by a web browser (Internet Explorer 4.­01 or later).­ FIXES: 5.­01 Rev.­ B 12-3-2003 - SP25996 ---------------------------------- - Fixes bugcheck "Stop:0x00 00 00 7E" blue screen on new Intel processors (stepping F30 and later).­ 5.­01 Rev.­ A 8-22-2003 - SP24815 ---------------------------------- - Changed default installation to not install the web agent due to unresolved security concerns.­ - Fixes driver verifier problem on notebook systems.­ - Avoids hang in Windows XP ATI2DVG video driver on nc6000 and nc8000 notebooks by removing feature to report PCI memory used.­ - Fixes truncation of non-English "set as default" text in the alert properties dialog.­ - Improves reporting of video,­ keyboard and pointing device information by using WMI.­ - Fixes intermittent video driver lockup interaction on nc4000 and n610.­ - Improves notebook battery reporting for Windows 2000 and Windows XP.­ - Support new systems in the CVA file for SSM.­ - Display memory speed in the local popup for memory change alert in MHz instead of ns.­ 5.­00 Rev.­ K 5-12-2003 - SP24441 ---------------------------------- - Fixes blue screen on HP Compaq nc4000 with ATI UMB video memory.­ - Fixes Lang[.­.­].­0 is not an object script error on the Operating System web page.­ - Correctly distinguish between different locales (Taiwan Chinese versus Hong Kong Chinese) on the Operating system web page.­ 5.­00 Rev.­ J 1-17-2003 - SP23436 ---------------------------------- - Fixes Thai translations for setup.­ 5.­00 Rev.­ H 12-18-2002 - SP22909 ---------------------------------- - Fixes blue screen on 2003 model notebook computers.­ - Fixes installation problem when run as a scheduled task with no current user logged into the machine.­ (Fix in Rev.­ F failed.­) - Fixes "cannot load CPQHCI.­DLL" message on NT 4.­0 introduced in Rev G.­ - No longer reports extra keyboards and pointing devices in the web agent by using data from WMI instead of DMI.­ - Fixes errors on Drivers and Services web page running XPSP1 (Brazilian and Chinese).­ - Thai translation updates.­ - Supports modification to 10-character HPQ monitor serial number format.­ HOW TO USE: 1.­ Download the SoftPaq to a directory on your hard drive.­ The file downloaded is a self-extracting executable with a filename based on the SoftPaq Number.­ 2.­ Execute the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions.­ 3.­ After the installation is completed,­ you may delete the directory created in step 2 if you wish.­ To unpack files without installing,­ use the command line parameters: "-p -e" For silent install information,­ unpack the SoftPaq and refer to DEFAULT.­INI

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