Compaq Presario 6370US Lucent (Agere) LT Data/­Fax Modem driver download grátis (ver. 8.­28)

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Lucent (Agere) LT Data/­Fax Modem (ver. 8.­28) MICROSOFT CAB SELF-EXTRACTING lançado 2003.09.08.

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Categoria PC
Marca Compaq
Dispositivo Presario 6370US
Sistemas operativos Windows XP
Versão 8.­28
Tamanho de ficheiro 672 Kb
Lançado 2003.09.08
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Lucent (Agere) LT Data/­Fax Modem driver for Compaq Presario 6370US Type: Driver - Modem Purpose: Routine Release Category: Modem Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Home Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition Microsoft Windows XP Professional Language(s): Global English Fixes: - Adds support for V.­92 "Modem on Hold" applications.­ - Resolves an issue causing a system restart or stop (blue screen) when connecting to certain Internet Service Providers (ISP).­ Prerequisites: This update applies only to PCs with a LT Data+Fax Modem running any version of Windows XP.­ How To Use: 1.­ Download the driver update.­ 2.­ Disconnect (log off) from your Internet Service Provider and make sure that the modem is not in use.­ 3.­ Double-click the icon for the update file downloaded in step 1.­ 4.­ After reading the introduction screen,­ click NEXT.­ 5.­ Accept the terms in the license agreement,­ and then click NEXT.­ 6.­ When asked to install the modem driver,­ click OK.­

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