Compaq Deskpro EN C566 Intel PRO/­1000 GT driver download grátis (ver. 6.­2.­10 A)

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Intel PRO/­1000 GT (ver. 6.­2.­10 A) EXECUTABLE SELF-EXTRACTING lançado 2003.03.03.

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Categoria PC
Marca Compaq
Dispositivo Deskpro EN C566
Sistemas operativos Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 95, Windows 98, OS/2
Versão 6.­2.­10 A
Tamanho de ficheiro 68.91 Mb
Lançado 2003.03.03
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Intel PRO/­1000 GT Drivers for Compaq Deskpro EN C566 Type: Driver - Network This package contains the Intel PRO/­1000 GT drivers and management software for the listed desktop models running the Microsoft Windows XP Operating System.­ Provides support for the following adapters: Intel Pro/­100 S Management AdapterIntel Pro/­1000 MT AdapterIntel Pro/­1000 GT AdapterIntel Pro/­1000 PT Adapter Softpaq also supports the following OS's: FreeDOSMicrosoft DOS Mandrake,­ Redhat,­ SuSE,­ and Turbo Linux NOTE: This driver set is an INF based installation.­ Auto-update of the driver does not occur unless the SoftPaq is executed within an SSM-compliant environment.­ For more information about manual driver and diagnostics installation,­ see the INDEX.­HTM file,­ which is included in the SoftPaq.­

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