Compaq Deskpro EN C566 CPQFlash Utility BIOS download grátis (ver. 3.­14 A)

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CPQFlash Utility (ver. 3.­14 A) MSZIP lançado 2002.09.30.

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Categoria PC
Marca Compaq
Dispositivo Deskpro EN C566
Sistemas operativos BIOS
Versão 3.­14 A
Tamanho de ficheiro 850 Kb
Tipo de ficheiro MSZIP
Lançado 2002.09.30
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CPQFlash Utility for Compaq Deskpro EN C566 Type: BIOS This SoftPaq creates files that contain the CPQFlash utility and a binary image of the System ROM for the Compaq Models with a 686P2 Family ROM.­ The CPQFlash utility is used to locally flash the System ROM on PCs through a Windows environment.­ The ROM Family and ROM date can be determined by running the Setup Utility by pressing F10 on the target computer during system power on of the computer,­ and viewing File/­System Information.­ This information can be saved into a text file by selecting File/­Save to Diskette.­

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